Samantha Fish
RamsHead On Stage
Annapolis, MD
August 1, 2016

Source: Zoom H5 > Audacity > Trader's Little Helper
Recorded and transferred by Toddjun

01 Wild Heart
02 Blame It On The Moon
03 Blood In the Water
04 Gone For Good
05 Show Me
06 Lost Myself
07 Highways Holding Me
08 Jim Lee Blues Part 1
09 Need You More
10 Miles to Go
11 Turn It Up
12 Road Runner
13 talking
14 I Put A Spell On You
15 Black Wind Howling
16 Encore break
17 Go Home
18 Bitch On the Run

Recorded from the back next to the soundboard in the center.

Samantha Fish - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Alexander - Bass, Backup Vocals
Go-go Ray - Drums

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