Samantha Fish
St. Louis
Old Rock House
Feb. 1 2018

I heard Samantha was coming a few weeks before the show. Since it was on Feb. 1 and I push snow in winter I did not buy a ticket. I bought 1 the night before on line. Good move as it was announced as sold out day of show!

I went to the show alone which I don't mind at all. I brought 2 cameras and my edirol with the Soundman OKM 2 mics. I hang the mics on my glasses, works well for me. I ran into 2 guys I used to work with outside the show. Always good to run into people. I then was trying to figure out the Will Call and ran into one of St Louis' finest guitar players Dave, I also know. Went in with the former work mates grabbed a coke and told them I was going up by the stage. 4 hours standing gets harder as I get older and I do have less patience for being shoved back and forth but it was great to be right up front. Not enough light to do great work with the cameras but since the venue is taper friendly I did ok with the recording. Just to Samantha's right, at the stage for the bulk of the show. I moved back when they left before the encore and hung with Dave for the encore. Then we had Samantha sign, she was great to all of us that I saw. We had photos and brief conversation, I love that!

So Here's that show on Dime.

Samantha Fish
Old Rock House
St Louis
Feb 1 2018

Set List

001 Hello Stranger
002 American Dream
003 Samantha Talks
004 Blood in the Water
005 You Can't Go
006 Chills and Fever
007 Little Baby
008 Don't Say You Love Me
009 Need You More
010 No Angels
011 Somebody's Always Trying
012 Belle Of The West
013 Gone For Good
014 Nearer to You
015 Cowtown
016 Band Intros
017 Daughters
018 Heartbreaker (Rolling Stones)
019 Crowd (encore call)
020 Crow Jane

The Band
Samantha Fish Guitar and Vocals
Chris Alexander Bass Vocals
Phil Breen Keyboards
Rebecca Crenshaw Fiddle
Alex Massa Trumpet Guitar
Scott Graves Drums
Chris Spies Sax Flute Percussion

Soundman OKM2 mics into Edirol R09
Sandisc SD Card my computer to
Nero Wave Editor for tracks and FLAC TLH for torrent file

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