Samantha Fish
2019-03-22 Ardmore Music Hall
Ardmore PA USA

source : schoeps mk41v > kc5mod > pfa > grace v2 > r-07 > 24/44.1 wav
adobe audition > xact 2.45 > flac 16/44.1
taper : edtyre
location : halfway back, 12 ft up

American Dream
Chills and Fever
He Did It
Don't Say You Love Me
You Can't Go
Blame It on the Moon
Lost Myself
Little Baby
Blood in the Water
No Angels
Need You More
Somebody's Always Trying
Gone for Good
Crow Jane Blues
I'm in Love With You (with Jonathon Long)
The River (with Jonathon Long)
Shake 'Em on Down

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