Up in Smoke Roadtour Vol. 3
Underground, Koeln, Germany
November - 07 - 2011
Act # 3

It's a SPACEBANDIT, so you're in there

Rec. Info:
OKM2R->Zoom H2->SD(WAV 16/44)->HD->Audacity (edit/remaster)->WAV->TLH8->FLAC->DIME->YOUR EARS AND MIND...ready for some blues from the capitol...
Recorded at lower end of Underground, quite comfortably sitting on a barstool, equipment on a bartable. What's better?? Thanks to the wonderful location, and
the very kind and friendly staff. This is a STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE recording, nothing really done on this. Have mercy with your bass rolls...
Some crappy pics included, shot from way too far...

I know some of you out there in DIME world are waiting for this. Unfortunately it's the shortest of all shows at wonderful UP MIN SMOKE ROADTRIP #3, but whast you don't get
in matter of time, you'll receive in a superb performance. I really dig these guys as they played opening for SONS OF OTIS at Bielefeld's AJZ in March, as a surprise guest.
They easily won over the headlining act, as their music's fueled by diverse influences. Most likely you'll hear that on track #4, where you'll find a..let me remember...
Deep Purple bridge? Hope I don't fail, but you know - meanwhile I'm too far off from the music I used to listen to for 30 years. This is new, this is exciting, and why the
hell you don't this one out, blasting it on your regular stereo? Hmm??? I really enjoyed this short affair, but I know there'll be another chance for a FULL LONG show at
Psychedelic Network Festival in Wuerzburg later this month. So, now let the music speak. Enjoy. SB.


FULL SHOW (39:24 min.)

01. ... -> (8:07)
02. ... (7:09)
03. ... (9:30)
04. Outside inside blues (8:35)
05. ... (6:02)

I guess they played only material of their new record release, and if you can put your hands on that, I think you'll get a lifelong friend on vinyl...or CD, if you like
that format. I couldn't catch up my copy there, but there's a whole lotta time at PNF or H2o record store in Wuerzburg. Sure they have some in store....

SAMSARA experiments as usual...

CHRISTIAN PETERS - voice, guitars
HANS EISELT - lead guitar

Samsara 2011-11-07_t01.flac:baf865193d0b28c52ed44bc3673dc545
Samsara 2011-11-07_t02.flac:abee384c10efab4e2ed0ec63cd48305b
Samsara 2011-11-07_t03.flac:d678040777f3d8bc4843cf4f6f43189f
Samsara 2011-11-07_t04.flac:0e8c66920f77693f2829e01f09c81fb7
Samsara 2011-11-07_t05.flac:c857cdea343ae51b0db882662bc205a6

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