San Francisco All Stars
Lone Star Cafe
New York City, NY
Oct. 01 1984

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01. ...Four Floor Or Forty
02. I'm Movin'
03. Anna
04. John's Other
05. My Party
06. She Just Doesn't See The Lying In Me Anymore
07. Motel Party Baby

John Cipollina : guitar, vocals on track 08
Nick Gravenites : guitar, vocals on track 01, 03 and 04
Papa John Creach : violin, vocals on track 02
David Margen : bass
John Covington : drums, vocals on track 07

The gen. is unknown to me, but judging by my source, this either has to be from the master, or more likely, 1st gen.

This is the '84 version of S.F.A.S., which doesn't have Buddy Cage and Mario Cipollina as in '79 version, but instead has Nick Gravenites and Papa John Creach. It's not a bad trade off, eh?

The recording surely isn't the complete show, but it's all I ever found of it.. so it's short, but very sweet! Some of the music in here is Outstanding with a capital "O"! Quite special to hear Cipollina and Gravenites play with Papa John.. makes you wonder why they didn't do it more!

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As always, ENJOY!
-Tom Shyman (amellowsoul)