San Francisco AllStars
Wax Museum
Washington DC 10-05-1984

Source: Soundboard cassette, transferred with Nakamichi BX-300 (azimuth checked)> Apogee MiniMe at 16/44
Assembly: AAcc for fades and edits, CDwav for tracks, TLH for flac8,MP3tag for tags


/You Wont Hurt Me No More
Did It for the Band
John's Down Home Blues
Pretty As You Feel
Pride Of Man
Motel Party Baby/
Fantasy World
Small Walk In Box
Baby I'm Amazed>Mona/

Nick Gravenites
John Cipollina
David Margen
Papa John Creech
Joey Covington


- I attended this show, not sure if anything else is missing
- Tape flip during Motel Party Baby
- Tape came from John's manager Steve, assuming I had a 1st gen copy maybe
- No other editing/eq/nr performed
- transferred and assembled my Mike Schuncke 8/1/20