San Francisco Allstars - April 30, 1979
Paradise Club - Boston, MA

Recording Info:
(FOB) Nakiamichi 700 -> Cassette Master (Sony TC-D5/Maxell UDXLII-C90)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/44.1k) ->
Samplitude Professional v11.2 -> FLAC/16
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
April 20, 2011

-- Disc change is seamless
-- Thanks to Steve Rolfe for lending me his masters

d1t01 - Tuning
d1t02 - Baby I'm Amazed
d1t03 - When The Night Is Young
d1t04 - Fever Dreams
d1t05 - Carmelina
d1t06 - Tonight
d1t07 - Heebie Jeebies
d1t08 - I'm Just A Slave
d1t09 - You're Only As Pretty As You Feel
d1t10 - Back In My Baby's Arms
d1t11 - If Fame Don't Get You
d1t12 - All Worth The Price You Pay
d2t01 - Family Reunion
d2t02 - Love Has Strange Ways

d2t03 - Crazy Mama

Line Up:
John Cipollina - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Love - Guitar, Vocals
Buddy Cage - Pedal Steel
Mario Cipollina - Bass
Joey Covington - Drums, Vocals