San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Davies Symphony Hall
San Francisco, CA

Source: FM > ? > DAT(s) via Scott Clayton
Transfer: Fostex D-15 > Behringer Ultramatch 2496 > Reaper 6.19 > WAV 16/48
Master: Wavelab 10 (tracking, levels) > FLAC 1648

"An American Festival" - Soundscape USA
Michael Tillson Thomas, conducting.

01. Program intro

02. John Adams - Lolapalooza intro
03. Lolapalooza

04. Charles Ives - Holiday Symphony intro
05. Washington's Birthday
06. Decoration Day
07. The 4th of July
08. Thanksgiving
09. Forefather's day


10. Five early New England choral songs intro
11. William Billings - Lamentation Over Boston
12. William Billings - Germantown
13. William Billings - I Am Come Into My Garden
14. Timothy Swan - China
15. Justin Morgan - Amanda

16. John Cage intro
17. Cage - Renga/Apartment House 1776 (2 pieces performed simultaneously)

w/ Grateful Dead & SF Symphony Youth Orchestra:

Mickey Hart - percussion
Phil Lesh - bass
Bob Weir - guitar
Vince Welnick - keyboards
Benjamin Meisner - vocals
Pamela Ward Smith - vocals
Floyd Red Crow Westerman - vocals
Pamela Sebsatian - vocals

18. Cage and program outro

A clear and unblemished FM recording. The Symphony's staff gives each piece an introduction that provides considerable information about each piece and the musicians playing it, so this text file won't.

A fairly unkind review appeared in the June 19, 1996, NY Times that includes the words "cannily," "rambunctious," "debonair," "gravitational," "ebullient," "formulaic," "repertory," "meandering" and "collage." If you think the Times has been dumbed down since 1996 . . . you'd be right.

If you prefer to experience John Cage from a distance, you will not like this. Otherwise, All Hail Discordia!

According to the Times review, a piace called 'Space for Henry Cowell' was also performed, but it does not appear here.


--mhg :: 2021-02-06