Sanders Pharoah Quartet 1994-07-03, 10:30 PM, Salle du Gesu, Montréal, Festival International de Jazz de Montréal


The pearl of the Canadian run

Pharoah Sanders reeds, perc, voc
William Henderson p
Steve Neil b
Cindy Blackman dr

1.Percussion/drums intro 2:45
2.Doktor Pitt (Sanders) 34:59
3.I Want to Talk about You (B.Eckstine) 16:40
4.Pharomba (Sanders) 22:20
5.Shukuru (Sanders) 19:28
6.Tomoki (Sanders) 7:16

This one has much better, wider, brighter sound than the Vancouver-one. And beautiful versions of Doktor Pitt, Pharomba and Shukuru.

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