Sandy Denny At Eltham Well Hall Open Theatre
May 8, 1972

I got this in a deplorable condition on CD and couldn't listen to it without immediately jumping to my CD player and either try to adjust the sound or shut off everything. Not enough with that, some "friendly" burning program had obviously inserted pauses of 2 seconds between the track marks, which in a live concert is not really the one thing to do. Cover would have been a phoptocopy of a photocopy...

That's what I did:

I took the disc, adjusted the sound, made an analog recording on my Yamaha standalone CD recorder, carried everything to my computer and cut the spaces from between the tracks and set new track marks.

--Thanks to "Sound Studio 3" for making this an easy task! - Had my first experience with 5 minutes opening and saving times...--

Cover was "recovered" from Not in the best possible resolution, but beautiful artwork and good enough to guess what once was written on the leaflet's back. (If anyone has better copies, don't hesitate to post them here as attachments. Thank You!)

And this is what I got:

1. I can hear Sandy sing!
2. I don't have to jump up and fumble at buttons to keep myself from going insane.
3. I listen to an early seventies cassette recorder and a really nice concert.

They didn't have the same technical but the same nervous equipment back then, so I hope you'll enjoy the concert with all its imperfections as well as I do.

There's some ugly tone - from the piano I guess. Perhaps that Low-Fi recorder was simply put onto the piano...sounds like the recorder's own resonance at certain notes that perhaps make it jump or vibrate...
And there's someone mounting an alarm clock... I wonder what this can be for at a Sandy Denny concert?!?

If anyone has a better copy of this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Nonetheless: Enjoy!


01 For Nobody To Hear
02 Bushes & Briars
03 Love's Made A Fool Of You
04 The Music Weaver
05 Crazy Lady Blues
06 Reynard The Fox
07 Sweet Rosemary
08 Matty Groves
09 It'll Take A Long Time
10 The Lady
11 John The Gun
12 Down In The Flood
13 When Will I Be Loved
14 Rigs Of Time


The record is from her solo time after "Fotheringay", but before her reunion with "Fairport Convention."
I just copied what's on the backcover:

Sandy Denny - vocals
Richard Thompson
Pat Donaldson
Tim Donalds
Linda Peters (vocals on 5 & 13)


CD (Onkyo DX 7211) ->"Behringer MX 1604 A" analog mixing desk->Yamaha S-1000 ->CD
CD copied to Harddisk by Mac OS X "Finder" -> AIFF
Cuts and track marks by "Sound Studio 3" -> AIFF
FLAC conversion by "xACT"