SANDY DENNY & THE HAPPY BLUNDERERS - Lincoln Festival 1971.07.24

Unknown lineage/Adobe Audition>noise/hiss reduction>tracks>FLAC 8

I received this some years ago from an English friend who I have not heard from for a long time, so lineage is unknown. The sound quality is not helped by what must have been an appalling PA system. I applied both noise and hiss reduction in Adobe Audition which has improved the part that we want to hear considerably, but is in the end a compromise. The band consisting of Richard Thompson - guitar, Dave Pegg - bass and Gerry Conway - drums sound very good despite Sandy's pessimistic comments! When not singing she is as shambolic as ever.

1 Late November
2 The North Star Grassman And the Paul Ravens
3 Down In The Flood
4 Bluewater side
5 The Optimist
6 Next Time Around
7 Crazy Lady Blues
8 John The Gun

Running time 39 minutes