Sandy Denny and the Happy Blunderers at the Lincoln Folk Festival 24.7.71.

I believe that this is the closest source to the master of this recording.It was
recorded by Nick Ralph who worked for the magazine Dark Star and who I met in 1974
and he traded this with me. The master was leant to me and I took a 3.5ins per second
copy from it onto a sony reel-to-reel tape deck. I did give cassette copy to
Clinton Heylin in the 1990's when he was preparing his book on Sandy and I guess that
will be the source of the previous version of this tape. This is a raw
copy with no remastering.

Lineage Master cassette>sony reel-to-reel>Phillips standalone CDRecorder Flac 8.

1. Late November
2. The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
3. Down in the Flood
4. Blackwaterside
5. The Optimist
6. Next Time Around
7. Crazy Lady Blues
8. John the Gun

Sandy Denny. Richard Thompson. Dave Pegg. Gerry Conway.