The Lady – a tribute to Sandy Denny
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Monday 1 December 2009

Paul Sartin – violin, oboe, piano
Benji Kirkpatrick – bouzouki, mandolin, acoustic guitar
Andy Mellon – piano, trumpet
Pete Flood – drums, percussion
Sam Sweeney – violin, viola
Jonny Bridgewood – acoustic bass
Jerry Donahue - electric guitar
Sam Carter – acoustic guitar
The Pulse Choir

Musical arrangements Pete Flood & Andy Mellon.

Disc One
1. Introduction by  Andrew Batt & Robin Denselow
Mary Epworth:
2. Come All Ye
3. Listen, Listen
Jim Morray:
4. Late November
5. Matty Groves
Kristina Donahue:
6. Nothing More
7. John The Gun
Sam Carter:
8. Bushes and Briars
Marc Almond:
9. The Northstar Grassman and the Ravens
10. Next Time Around
11. All Our Days
Baby Dee:
12. The Lady
13. No End

Disc Two

Gypsy Davey – Beat Club 28 November1970 video clip
Removed, appears on the 2006 DVD Sandy Denny – Under Review
1. Lisa Knapp & Dave Swarbrick:
The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
Dave Swarbrick & Kevin Dempsey
2. It Suits Me Well
3. One Way Donkey Ride
Lisa Knapp:
4. Reynardine
5. I'm A Dreamer
6. Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
Johnny Flynn:
7. Stranger To Himself
8. It'll Take A Long Time
Mary Epworth:
9. Solo
Kristina Donahue:
10. No More Sad Refrains
11.Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Audience: Sennheiser MKE2>battery box>Edirol R09>Soundforge>Flac