Psychedelic Network Festival # 4
Cafe Cairo, Wuerzburg, Germany
November - 26 - 2011
Day # 2 - Act # 3

from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 370

Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> ZoomH2 (16/44) -> SD -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND one of these GREAT days...
Recorded by the master himself, SEETHELIGHT7, at app. less than 2 meters from stage left side. My personal "kotou" to him, for doing all this for me and you.
The recording is more than superb, given the truth, that OMK2R (thank you Soundman), is the only truth between cheap and fucking expensive equipment. But it's stealth,
as rules are that way over here...And, be kind to your speaker systems. We don't want to responsible for you blowing them out. This is as heavy as can get.
Some pics by Lord Die are included as well, a bit of visual is to follow...

Ok, I know there are some out there anxiuosly waiting for this. I can't really review this show, as I had my offtime from festival during the most of show, just to
be back for the remaining last two songs. And, hellyeah, it was LOUD! Many people told me it was louder than they could take. I thought of that before, so I maybe it was a good
decision to go back to the hotel room, have a look at the freshly received case of tapes from SEETHELIGHT7, refresh/relax a bit. Anyway, by listening to the recording of
brave taping statue kind of human stormtrooper SEETHELIGHT7, well, I surely missed a real fine show. Maybe except from the system's volume. This is real psychedelic Stoner-
Doom at it's very very best. Can't think of any other band comparing, mixing up, of course, blues elements, 70's hardrock with more downtempo low down attacks. But don't let me be
misunderstand, this is far MUCH MUCH better, than any of the older bands can do these daze. This is really hot and spicy...
I hope you enjoy, what we give to you. So...let's get on with the show...SB.

FROM BERLIN, all strings tuned low, TO THE CENTER OF YOUR MIND...

FULL SHOW (119:04 min.)

01. Intro vom Horst (1:38)
02. Singata Mystic queen -> (9:57)
03. Hangin' on the wire (6:10)
04. Army of ignorance -> (5:42)
05. For the lost souls -> (9:02)
06. Center of the sun (16:54)
07. Into the black (8:16)
08. Outsight insight blues (9:46)
09. Flipside apocalypse -> (6:00)
10. Revelation and mystery (13:19)
11. Double freedom (short version) (13:40)
--- Encore ---
12. Back to life (18:33)


CHRISTIAN PETERS - guitar, voice
HANS EISELT - guitar

Please buy their official cds, better their vinyls, go to their shows and support them as much as you can do.