Fillmore East
New York, NY

April 11, 1970


Some time ago, my good friend Don told me he had recorded a Santana show at the Fillmore East in 1970. I found a show in circulation from 4/12/70, and did not think of it much more until he found his tape gave me a copy of the transfer.
He also gave me a copy of the program, which indicated Santana played the Fillmore on three nights: April 10, 11, and 12.

I gave a copy to Herman LR and we both agreed this was a different show. Don said he was almost certain he was at the Saturday
show, which would make the date of this one 4/11/70, never in circulation. There may have been two shows per night, and if so, this was the early one.

I want to dedicate this show to Herman, in appreciation for the wealth of Santana recordings he has shared with us here.

Bombiggity deserves credit for the bulk of the work to enable this recording to see the light of day, and in remarkably good form, given the age and circumstances of the recording. He arranged for a fresh, technically proper transfer by Popskull, consulted with Goody on the pitch, arranged for a correction with Flambay, and did the remaining remastering of the recording.

The sound mix starts out bass-heavy, but improves with the second track, and for the most part, gets better as it goes along. It's rough, still has some glitches, but overall is very decent. Samples are provided in the comment section.

The show was opened by The American Dream and It's A Beautiful Day. Don recorded those, and hopefully we will have those to share as well.

Enjoy and share!!!

Source: Hand-held cassette deck with one mic > BASF C-120 cassette audience master tape >

Transfer: Nakamichi BX300, 120eq, no NR, azimuth aligned > Apogee Electronics Mini-ME @ 16/44 >
spdif> MicroTrackII > Audition 3 for beg/end fades and xfade on tape flip >

Pitch/Phase Correction: variable pitch correction in three segments, phase correction >

Final Assembly: Audition 3 (level adjustments, repairs of dropouts/fluctuations,
FFT filter, slight EQ, edit, track) > TLH (flac level 8, sectors aligned)

Thanks to:
The taper for being in the right place with the desire to document this.
popskull for the fine transfer.
goody for initial and final pitch checks.
flambay for finding time on short notice to correct the pitch and phase.
bombdiggity final assembly, remaster, notes and project coordination.

00: intro (0:20)
01: Se A Cabo (4:52)
02: Black Magic Woman > Gypsy Queen > Savor > Jingo (16:03)
03: Oye Como Va (6:02)
04. Hope You're Feeling Better (5:30)
05. Toussaint L'Overture > Evil Ways (9:55)
06. Persuasion (3:52)
07. encore: Soul Sacrifice (16:35)

TT : 63:09

Carlos Santana: guitar, vocals
Gregg Rolie: keyboards, vocals
David Brown: electric bass
Jose "Chepito" Areas: congas, timbales, percussion
Mike Carabello: percussion, backing vocals
Thomas "Coke" Escovedo: percussion
Michael Shrieve: drums
Alberto Gianquinto: piano (tr04)