Waikiki Shell
Honolulu,HI USA
May 22nd, 1970

SBD>?>CDr from Trade>EAC>FLAC
EX (super low gen) sound but not a perfect mix

T1 Se A Cabo - 4:03
T2 T2 Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (fades) - 5:25
T3 Savor- 3:42
T4 Jingo- 4:49
T5 Oye Como Va - 5:09
T6 Toussaint L'Overture- 4:24
T7 Evil Ways - 4:24

TT 30 min

Missing tracks:
Treat -
Gumbo -
Waiting -
Hope You're Feeling Better -
Conquistadore Rides Again -

*55 min version listed at Santanamigos. Anybody?

*T1 Volume starts low & picks up & then settles into a beautiful recording!

Here's another sent to me from my Santana fanatic friend- short but sweet. He says this came from the Santana Camp- whatever that really means & he hopes that this posting will bring out the more complete version from someone. I grabbed this from him as it is not well circulated, has EX sound & I live in Honolulu.: )