Santana Port Chester
June 13, 1970
1st SHOW


Lineage: 3rd generation tape/CDR/CDEx/Adobe Audition/Flacfrontend/TLH/you

Sorry, no artwork again..

Another classic Santana 70 show.
The second show of that very night was posted here at least twice.
Thanks to amellowsoul it's still to be found here:

The setlist is the same, though the 2nd show has 2 tracks more.
The lengths and versions of the songs differ a bit though.

The original copy I had had a speed that was way too slow.
(by the way, this is also the case with the second show upped here)
I've pitched it up and also tried to get rid of the gaps.
The result is again worthwhile to say the least..

1. Se A Cabo
2. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
3. Savor/Jingo
4. Oye Como Va
5. Toussaint L’Overture/Evil Ways
6. Treat
7. Persuasion
8. Gumbo

Total Time: 46.05

Carlos Santana
Jose “Chepito” Areas
David Brown
Michael Carabello
Gregg Rolie
Michael Shrieve

Samples in the comments section.

My twenty-second upload