Well since Herman has been asking for this.. here you go... not sure who posted this but I grabbed it from LL/SHNFLAC.

Thanks to all the people who did work on this, I will post the complete show, so with the San Diego "bonus".

Enjoy the goosebumps, share the gigs and support the artists!


Santana 2/23/1971 Los Angeles & 10/5/1971 San Diego
March 23, 1971 October 5, 1971

sbd(stereo)>?>cd>eac(secure)>shn(EZT BT)> pitch lowered >seekable shn

disk 1
1. intro / waiting
2. ballin’
3. black magic woman / gypsy queen
4. oye como va
5. savor / samba pa ti
6. toussant l’overture
7. evil ways
8. incident at neshebur
9. jungle strut
10. everybody’s everything
11. fried neck bones and home fries
Encore w/ Jose Feliciano
12. black magic woman / gypsy jam
13. oye como va

disk 2
1. guajira ^
2. waiting
3. para los rumberos
4. taboo
5. savor
6. percussion ^
7. incident at neshebur ^
8. samba pa ti ^
9. toussant l’overture
10. evil ways
11. oye como va //


Overall, very nice sound quality!
^ there is a light touch of intermittent equipment noise / fuzz from an amp? The last track cuts off / I’m not sure how much is missing

Jose Chepito Areas: perc
Willie Bobo: perc
David Brown: bass
Michael Carabello: perc
Coke Escovedo: perc
Rico Reyes: voc
Gregg Rollie: v, kbd
Carlos Santana: v, guitar
Neil Schon: g
Michael Shrieve: drum
Jose Feliciano: v, guitar

*phenomenal covers*

eburks edits: I downloaded the torrent 8-20-2004
Cooledit Pro 2.0 pitch bend at perfect quality level
lowered pitch by 1.25 semitones