Circus Krone
Munich, Germany
April 20th, 1971

Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo)
Neal Schon (g)
Gregg Rolie (kbd/vo)
David Brown (b)
Coke Escovedo (perc)
Michael Carabello (perc)
Jose "Chepito" Areas (perc)
Michael Shrieve (ds)

*Sound:EX- check sample.

T1 Incident At Neshabur -5:12
T2 Taboo -5:08
T3 Jungle Strut -5:46
T4 Toussaint L'Overture -6:17
T5 Evil Ways -4:41
T6 Samba Pa Ti -3:45
T7 Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen -6:01
T8 Oye Como Va -4:13
T9 Savor-3:59
T10 Jingo- 4:45
T11 Soul Sacrifice -13:11
T12 Gumbo -5:18
T13 Se A Cabo -2:06

* Incomplete
* Info from Santanamigos site

This date & location exist on etree's db but it does not really jibe w/ this recording or Santanamigos. Etree shows a 2 CD set w/ muddy B quality sound w/ a different set list but similar.

This comes from a fresh cass transfer from a hardcore old school Santana collector. He said that the recording, which he got from a UK Trader 15 years ago, turned out to be in great shape. Indeed- this sounds quite good for 71'!