University Of Lund
November 16, 1972

Nb: This Show Might Also Have Been The Set Of

Kungliga Tennishallen
November 18, 1972

The much uploaded G�teborg show of the 17th differs from this one!!

I'm not 100% sure about the lineage.
My source informed me that it is a stage recording by one the crew/band members.
Definitely no SBD. I've upgraded the high end a little bit.

I've been very busy lately, so no Santana uploads. I received some requests and I'll try to take care of that
the coming weeks.

This one is on special request of Jerryrocks

Very weird, since I would have sworn I'd uploaded this show before.....
But nowhere to be found in the Dimebot. The G�teborg show of the 17th has been upped a lot.
This is one of those great 72 shows. If I DID upload it, it turns out to be a reseed....haha!
That's all I'm going to say about it. Man, I wish I'd seen one of the 72 shows!
Timemachines....where are they when you need them!

1. Going Home/A-1 Funk/Every Step Of The Way
2. Samba Pa Ti
3. Look Up (To See What�s Coming Down)
Just In Time To See The Sun
4. Incident At Neshabur
5. Earth
6. Se A Cabo
7. Savor
8. Toussaint L�Overture

Total Time: 68:42

Carlos Santana
Jose �Chepito� Areas
Tom Coster
Richard Kermode
James �Mingo� Lewis
Armando Peraza
Douglas Rauch
Michael Shrieve

My eighty-sixth upload.