DECEMBER 5, 1972


Lineage: 3rd generation tape/CDR/CDEx/Adobe Audition/Flacfrontend/TLH/you

Ths show is by request of Metamarc.

No artwork.

Again the fantastic 72 line up.
Unfortunately there is a cut at the end of Incident, therefore
Bambele/Stone Flower/Batucada are missing.
Since there is also a cut at the end of Savor,Toussaint L'Overture is also missing.
The tape was running a little slow, so I've corrected the pitch.

CD-R 1:

1. Going Home/A-1 Funk/Every Step Of The Way
2. Samba Pa Ti
3. Look Up (To See What’s Coming Down)
4. Just In Time To See The Sun
5. Incident At Neshabur

Total Time

CD-R 2:

6. Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)
7. Stone Flower
8. Waiting
9. Castillos De Arena, Part 1 (Sand Castle)
10. Free Angela
11. Free Angela/Castillos De Arena, Part 2 (Sand Castle)/Earth
12. Se A Cabo
13. Savor

Total Time

Carlos Santana
Jose “Chepito” Areas
Tom Coster
Richard Kermode
James “Mingo” Lewis
Armando Peraza
Douglas Rauch
Michael Shrieve

Samples in the comments section.

My twenty-fifth upload