Studio rehearsals, most probably 1972
Tracks from Abraxas, Third Album, Caravanserai and Lotus


CD 1 is of excellent soundquality.
CD 2 and 3 are of good quality, but the guitar parts on CD 2 are a little at the background
CD 4 is a little less.

I think, together with the batch Didnelps upped some days ago
all known rehearsals/outtakes from that era will probably be shared with this set.
I first got it a year ago as a non-trader.
As people perhaps know, I always keep my promise on this matter, but after having received
2 other versions without any restrictions, I decided to share it.
Of one those sets came from my dear Dime pal Anthony G. Much obliged!!

Great to hear the band talk and discuss whilst rehearsing. They are having a real good time!!
My Spanish is not that brilliant, but you can distinguish several names.
The percussionists are very prominent and the COWBELL rules!
I only hear one guitar, so perhaps Neal had gone skiing....

1. Rehearsal Jam
2. Se a cabo
3. Incident at Neshabur
4. Jungle strut
5. Jungle strut/Just in time to see the sun(instrumental)
6. Percussion driven track with a touch of Toussaint L'Overture and Waiting
7. Bambele
8. Bambele/Percussion rehearsal
9. Batucada, then a first take of Maria Caracoles(original version running at the background)
10.Percussion/bass rehearsal

Total time: 60.26

1. Incident at Neshabur
2. All the love of the universe
3. Se a cabo
4. Bambele
5. Stone flower
6. Batucada
7. Xibaba

Total time: 21.31

1. Incident at Neshabur
2. Stone flower
3. Batucada
4. Xibaba
5. La fuente del ritmo
6. Every step of the way

Total time: 28.04

Then a controversial 4th CD. Sent to me in the same batch, but completely different from the other 3.
I even doubt if this is Santana. But then again, listen to the start of track 1. Definitely a few notes
of Toussaint, so it could be some unorganized jamming....
I've given it the benefit of the doubt; it it appears something else, my sincere apologies.

Please, shine your expert light on these tracks!!!

1. Toussaint L'Overture start, then a rehearsal jam
2. Rehearsal jam
3. Rehearsal jam
4. Rehearsal jam

Total time: 52.52

Possible musicians(not 100% certain of course):

Carlos Santana
Jose “Chepito” Areas
James “Mingo” Lewis
Armando Peraza
Douglas Rauch
Rico Reyes
Gregg Rolie
Tom Rutley
Neal Schon(possibly absent)
Michael Shrieve

My thity-ninth upload.