Preparing to take a (Deva)dip with...
Roosevelt Stadium,
East Rutherford,
New Jersey, U.S.A.
August 13, 1973
filename: santana81373flac16
performance quality: A or close to it. Some of their finest music in here and well played..
recording quality: B (A fairly clean, low-gen. recording,
pretty good for a 73 audience recording at a football stadium gig.
sounds like the taper had a good seat. Everything comes through with good presence
even though not a "Naka" fidelity recording (or anywhere near one).
runtime: 136:56
(very pathetic excuse for a) setlist:
1: opening words from the lead singer
2: ?
3: every step of the way (one of my favorite Santana songs ever and sounding nice here)
4: black magic woman > gypsy queen
5: oye como va
6: ? end spliced
7-11 ?
12: the creator has a master plan
13: ?
14: europa
15: incident at neshabur my favorite things (this is one of those)
track 15 is spliced once and the tail end is cut off.
(a little bit like my blondie concert, but not NEARLY as badly.
This is probably within less than a minute of complete, but not sure,
sometimes Santana just won't stop playing. thet did 5 encores when I saw them in 82.
Here, they just do 1 (on this tape but it lasts almost as long as the 5 I saw
because this encore is Neshabur (rarely a readers digest number)
TRhis is Santana's tour of "Lotus" (live in Japan disc) recorded live in America,
playing music from their stellar studio release "Caravanserai" would prove to be a major
pinnacle in the career of Carlos Santana and his great band.
Just a very short 15 days after this, Carlos dropped into my home town for a visit...
but it was with only PART of this very fine group, and part of another one.
A group New Jersey never got to see at all (neither did most of the world.)
More on that later, and not much later either. Right now, I don't even know if this group ever
made it to Boston in 73. Had I known they did, I would have been there. I have been a Santana fan
since Woodstock 1969, basically, and the Michael Shrieve drum solo in Soul Sacrifice.
A signature song of my generation. The signature of a Carlos Santana concert to me is lots of
hot guitar and percussion/drums, in here from the great Armando Peraza and Jose Chapito Arias
(once again I may have misspelled his name, I hate doing that but not very good with Latin name
spelling, as I'm sure some of our many Latin dimers have noticed). I don't think Shrieve was
still there, but there's always a great drummer along with the world loved percussion section
in a Santana concert of the 70's. I haven't heard jack from this tour (except 1 from Tokyo)
which is a shame, one of my favorite Santana tours, both for what happened here and soon after...
For just 12 dates (I think), a tour that can only be described as Guitarist Nirvana-
and NOT the kind banned from posting here on dime! a MUCH spiritually higher kind!
1973 was a year Santana could have been named "Band of the Year", or get album of the year,
or live band of the year, but comnpetition for that honor in 73 was feirce as heck, and
England chose Genesis. Some think Santana may be the best live band of the last 40 years,
and it's very hard to argue with that position. They put on a very good show, most of the time
(here included for sure). Sounds like the cut end is very near end of concert.
This here is some of his better work, and they've got alot of very fine songs and tours.
I love the 68-69 stuff, most Santana fans seem to like that era, some more than others,
but there isn't alot of less than great Santana. One of the 1st 10 inductees into the
very humble obscure Glasnost Radio Hall of Fame (WCUW 91.3 FM worcester public radio)
mainly for original, excellent studio and live performances over decades, this 73 tour
was one of the high points in a career with very few low ones, and Santana was the first
Latin music I ever heard and liked alot. They were one of my favorite bands by this time.
Unfortunately that great live "Lotus" was only avail. in. Boston as very pricey import LP.
It is one of the 10 best released live discs I've heard (by anyone). Music and sound is great.
In my book, Carlos Santana is a genius and a great spiritual/musical inspiration, right up
there with Mother Teresa, John Lennon and the Dali Llama, in importance to the world.
His band is one of the most enduring and entertaining in music over the past 40 years.
Carlos doesn't show much sign of slowing down anytime soon either. He's a very exciting
and dynamic performer to see live and obviously sees alot more in music than a paycheck.
I've seen Carlos 3 X. #2 was posted by shopkin (nicely too as usual for him), Boston 76.
I don't think any of you have heard #1 yet. That will change very soon, and this torrent is
definitely connected heavily to that 1st time I saw Carlos Santana in concert, a great and
extremely underrated period in his great concert career. The 3rd time was 82, and I think
someone posted it, don't know if it's from my source or another one..
It's a lead in for me, because it was a lead in for Carlos to take the Big Plunge...
surrendering hit appeal for the guitar blowout tour of 1973...
that tour did not start very long after this concert. I think this tour influenced it alot too.
To me, there are basically 2 kinds of Santana concerts. One has lots of 5 minute or less songs.
(not many of those in this show), the other has 10-25 min. + songs almost entirely.
You've heard the commercial Santana- as commercial as I get with Santana uploads.
Now it's time to get to the CARLOS Santana. I like my 77 one too but this music makes that one
sound like top 40 popcorn. You get the inevitable BMW > GQ and oye como va, the rest is Santana's
jammier music, it all sounds nice in this show, and there will be one more example of that coming
very soon.

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Fortunately both the bertha and the hushpuppy can handle it, and many of you people have been
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Minus the fact that running on less than 10gb (some even say 20 for a ^100 gb drive) is asking for
slow DL/UL, or maybe worse.
Next time dime has a breakdown I'm defragging. Didn't think of it last Friday. Too busy trying to
get some things ready. (including this show). I hope you like it. I think you will.
Do not sell this recording.
(You can't put a price on this.)
Trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
Gaps do NOT work in Santana concerts.