Luna Park
Buenos Aires
Oct 13, 1973

Audience? The mention I have is Aud/Sbd.. but I guess from the sound of it, it is AUD. Not by far as brilliantly sounding as Brazil 1973, a bit dull soundwise but still a nice listen. Someone with a good ear might be able to brush this up though.

Lineage: ?? > trade CDr (x) > EAC > TLH > Dime

Sad but true.. a partial, but there is no mention of a full version floating around afaik.

Disk 1 (60:46)

01. Going Home
02. A-1 Funk
03. Every Step Of The Way
04. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
05. Oye Como Va
06. Bambele/Um-um-um
07. Batucada/Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)
08. Stone Flower
09. Waiting

Disk 2 (32:15)

01. Castillos De Arena (Sand Castle)/Free Angela
02. Samba De Sausalito
03. Incident At Neshabur (cut)
04. Incident At Neshabur (different source, same show??)

Note: this last track may be where the Aud/Sbd mention comes from.. I can't make out if either is a soundboard though. I will have to ask around, but will share this as I got it.