Random pick of the week:

1973 Nov 30

Vienna, Austria

Total time 94:02 (of which 88:20 unique music)

AUD > unknown taper > Unknown transfer > Trade CDr(x) > EAC secure > TLH (FLAC)> DaD

Thanks to the taper, the person who transferred and Ralf for the trade.

I don't know if this has even been on the tracker but it isn't mentioned on the bot site. It has a few issues being a bit oversteered/heavy in places and I think I hear a tape squeak/garble in some places.. not sure ... I think someone could try and polish this up.

I am not etirely sure about the track titles, so if anyone has suggestions.. be my guest!

Santanamigos mentions this is incomplete, but I have no evidence either way if it is or isn't. The start of Incident at Neshabur on Disk 1 fades out at 5:42. It restarts from start on Disk 2 and is complete there.. I will leave it up to you to possibly not download D1Tr15.

Disk 1:

01. Going Home
02. A-1 Funk
03. Every Step Of The Way
04. Black Magic Woman
05. Gypsy Queen
06. Oye Como Va
07. Just In Time To See The Sun
08. Bambele
09. Um-um-um
10. Batucada
11. Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)
12. Stone Flower
13. Castillos De Arena (Sand Castle)/ ?
14. Flor de Canela
15. Incident at Neshabur (fade out at disk end)

Disk 2:

01.Incident At Neshabur (complete)

As usual, graph and sample in the comment section. Graph shows a 16Khz peak.. but this is DEFINITELY an aud, not an FM. Not sure where it comes from.

Enjoy the goosebumps, share the gigs, support the artists.