DECEMBER 31, 1973


This show is a RESEED. It was upped in 2010, banned, later upped incompletely, but I think a lot a
members might want a new chance.

Santana in superb form with a excellent and tight band!!!

Bambele had to be removed (it's on Lotus), which is what I did. As you can see in the notes,
I can offer a simple solution in order to make your show complete.

As in many shows at the end of 1973, there is a ?? in the setlist. In the beginning it sounds a bit like
the riff of Watch your step and Super Boogie, but lateron it's mor or less a jam.....
Perhaps anyone can identify that track??

CD-R 1

1. Going Home
2. A-1 Funk
3. Every Step Of The Way
4. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
5. Oye Como Va
6. Just In Time To See The Sun
7. Bambele (appeared on Lotus, so removed; PM me in order to get the show complete)
8. Um-um-um

Total Time: 46:09

CD-R 2:

7. Batucada
8. Xibaba (She-Ba-Ba)
9. Stone Flower
10. Castillos De Arena (Sand Castle)
11. ?
12. Incident At Neshabur
13. When I Look Into Your Eyes
14. Se A Cabo

Total Time: 50:10

Carlos Santana
Jose �Chepito� Areas
Tom Coster
Richard Kermode
Armando Peraza
Douglas Rauch
Michael Shrieve
Leon Thomas

My eightieth upload