Atlantic City
August 9, 1974


By special request of jdbrewer

Again a 74 show and again great in regard to the artistic level!
Setlist almost similar to my Edmonton upload of some time ago.

But....the sound is not too good! Judge for yourself by listening to the samples.
When you're a Santana addict like me still essential stuff...

Unfortunately, the show is cut off in the last track

CD-R 1:

1. Going Home(cuts in)
2. A-1 Funk
3. Every Step Of The Way
4. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
5. Oye Como Va
6. Mirage
7. Just In Time To See The Sun
8. Just In Time To See The Sun
9. Bambele
10.Give And Take
11.Incident At Neshabur

Total Time: 59:31

CD-R 2:

12. Soul Sacrifice
13.Samba Pa Ti
14.Savor/Toussaint L�Overture

Total Time: 31:49

Carlos Santana
Jose �Chepito� Areas
Jules Broussard
David Brown
�Ndugu� Leon Chancler
Tom Coster
Leon Patillo
Armando Peraza

Sample in the comments section.

My fifty-eighth