SANTANA – 1974 Sept 18 Wed: International Ice Palace, Las Vegas, NV

Hers is another great soundboard from the classic period of Santana. Its great to hear some of these tracks with Jules Broussard’s sax and flute.

MD5 included in torrent file.


Trade CD / EAC / Goldwave (minor Edit) / DBPowerAmp / Flac (6)

Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo)
Jose "Chepito" Areas (perc)
Jules Broussard (fl/sax)
David Brown (b)
"Ndugu" Leon Chancler (ds)
Tom Coster (kbd/vo)
Leon Patillo (kbd/vo)
Armando Peraza (perc/vo)

Disc 1

Going Home
A-1 Funk
Every Step Of The Way
Black Magic Woman
Gypsy Queen
Oye Como Va
Just In Time To See The Sun

Disc 2

Give And Take
Incident At Neshabur
Soul Sacrifice
Savor/Toussaint L'Overture