Alien notes: Thanks to the original uploader. His notes are untouched here below mine. Hope y'all enjoy.

As per request, the preFM version of this KBFH show. I will post a sample and a frequency spectrum for y'all to see. This came to me dated wrong (July 1st) at the time as well.

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*contrast clause* This is a Pre FM version, which is supported by the Audacity Sa/Freq graph (see comment). I have unsufficient information about the show posted here a few days ago to compare this.. I only know this one is EX+ in my book.


May 25, 1975
Rynearson Stadium
Ypsilanti, MI

Source: PreFM

1. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 06:48
2. Oye Como Va 04:05
3. Treat/Time Waits For No One 05:41
4. Give And Take 05:07
5. Incident At Neshabur 07:34
6. Savor/Soul Sacrifice 20:16

Total Time: 49:36

Notes: This show was recorded/aired for the "King Biscuit Flower Hour." An FM version of this recording also circulates, but this is far superior in sound quality (I have both sources). This is a fantastic show but is not heavily circulated, for those of you listening to this for the first time I hope you enjoy it, for those of you who already have the FM version, enjoy the upgrade.

SBE Check:

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FFP fingerprints:

01.. Black Magic WomanGypsy Queen.flac:81a96701b7f6cf3aaa17352e26fd1713
02. Oye Como Va.flac:2a925e4969408d833dcc7ca705cf28f6
03. Treat-Time Waits For No One.flac:143130ce4067b507bd0922a9828cb875
04.Give And Take.flac:5ff608f8f1d1f4863370bfc4fcfee975
05. Incident At Neshabur.flac:65a03a321a8bc4cc1fb86fda252ac541
06. Savor-Soul Sacrifice.flac:b3ca5636a70dc2a896d396bd763e3657

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