June 21, 1975
Cincinnatti Gardens
Cincinnatti, OH

Santana opens for Eric Clapton.

Soundboard, but has it's flaws, which is not odd considering the age of this. I'll post a few samples once I get going.

Lineage: SDB > lots of ???? > trade CD-R(x) > EAC > TLH > you

Total time: 68 minutes, complete show.

01. Incident At Neshabur
02. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
03. Oye Como Va
04. Let The Music Set You Free
05. Time Waits For No One
06. Samba Pa Ti
07. Savor/Armando Peraza
08. Toussaint L'Overture
09. Band Introduction/Soul Sacrifice

Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo)
Armando Peraza (perc/vo)
"Ndugu" Leon Chancler (ds)
Leon Patillo (kbd/vo)
Tom Coster (kbd/vo)
David Brown (b)