Boston Garden
Boston, Mass.
March 16, 1977
performance quality: A-
recording quality: mostly B
source: master audience tape
runtime: 69:29
1: carnival
2: let the children play
3: black magic woman
4: gypsy queen
5: dance sister dance
6: Europa
7: oye como va
8: let the music set you free
9: love (give me more)
10: savor
11: congas
12: soul sacrifice
lineage: unknown model Sony tieclip microphone >
mono Sony cassette recorder (auto-level) >
(either a TC-56 or maybe TC-48)
Maxell UD 90 min. cassette (normal bias/EQ) >
soundforge 4.5 > CD > CD extractor (to WAV) >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
Yet another hot set from Carlos and his band from Boston. ZZ Top also
played this night (avail from different source/torrent/uploader on dime,
as is Santana in Boston 1976). This comes directly from my buddy's master
cassette. It sounds pretty consistently B quality, although the beginning
of each side has a rather brief quality drop apparently related to the
taper being blocked by someone in the crowd. I didn't see this show, but
there's always a big crowd at a Santana concert in Boston (and many other
places) and it's always a hot concert. No exception here, I like Carnival
which was the current release at this time, and it's still sounds like
only Santana does. This may not be the whole show, not sure if they played
another song after the Soul Sacrifice. (sounds like they may have, but SS
is complete, there is a cut which is spliced about 46 minutes into the show.
The beginning is in here, including the stage introduction.) I know ZZ Top
played but not sure who opened (I think Santana headlined, but both sets
were under 90 minutes each.). Someone may have a better/fuller recording of this
show, but this one has served me quite acceptably. there is some crowd talk
and noise in here, but not too much. For a Boston Garden recording, this
isn't bad at all. I have not used any EQ in the remaster, and no dolby was
used for the mastering or remastering of this recording. Some level balancing
was done with normalization and DC offset applied where needed, otherwise
this is a raw from master transfer with a CD extraction thrown in from a
glitch-free disc (I listened to it through to be sure of that, one glitch is
one too many and will not be allowed for any glasnostrd19 upload).
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.