SANTANA - 23-05-1980
Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA

Great performance!
Recording: Soundboard

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A Fabulous version of "Song Of The Wind" of Caravanserai Album.
And also A rare show without "Europa".!
It was the period "swing of delight" and "Zebop" Era.

01. Hannibal
02. All I Ever Wanted
03. Tales of Kilimanjaro-Black Magic Woman-Gypsy Queen
04. Oye Como Va
05. Just in time to see the sun
06. Song Of the Wind
07. Lightning in the Sky
08. Chant
09. Aqua Marine

01. Savor
02. Jingo
03. You Just Don't Care
04. Well All Right
05. Runnin'
06. Soul Sacrifice

Carlos Santana
Armando Peraza
Alex Ligertwood
Richard Baker
David Margen
Orestes Vilato
Graham Lear
Raul Rekow