JULY 8, 1980


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By request of bombdiggity

One of the numerous 1980 shows. This time an FM recording from the famous Prater Park in Vienna.
Being an FM, I've heard better radio broadcasts.
The Austrian announcements are still there

The show is not complete, but this is the way it was broadcast back then:

- a tiny bit from the start is missing
- BMW is missing entirely, but hey, haven't we heard that one before.... :))
- This is was a festival gig and at regular shows Transcendance, Evil Ways and for instance
Shake your moneymaker were often played at the very end, so possibly "something" is missing at the end,
On the other hand: the announcer's last words are: "This was the Santana show"
So, in this case Open invitation and She's not there could have been the encore then.

Carmela referred to Jimmy Page, who migh have been a guest at the encore. Never heard of that before,
but like I've written above, a piece at the end of the show might be missing.
(Jimmy WAS there at the Dortmund gig, which might be re-seeded by bombdiggity later)

CD-R 1:

1. All I Ever Wanted
2. Tales Of Kilimanjaro
3. Gypsy Queen
4. Oye Como Va
5. Incident At Neshabur
6. Lightning In The Sky
7. Armando Peraza/Raul Rekow/Orestes Vilato
8. Europa
9. Savor

Total Time: 46:50

CD-R 2:

12. Well All Right
13. Runnin
14. Soul Sacrifice
15. Open Invitation
16. She’s Not There

Total Time: 38:11

Carlos Santana
Richard Baker
Graham Lear
Alex Ligertwood
David Margen
Armando Peraza
Raul Rekow
Orestes Vilato

Guest: Jerry Gonzales.

Samples in the comments section.

My forty-sixth upload