Pinecrest Theatre
Shelton, Ct
August 3, 1980


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On request of adictedttull

Some die-hard Santana get the shivers when the late 70s and the start of the 80s are mentioned.
I have to be honest.....the albums from that era are not always very good and songs like Winning,
All I ever wanted, Lighting in the sky are not the best the band has given us... :))

But the the live shows......far better than the albums.
There have been some memorable moments in those years:

Bottom Line 10-78
Osaka 10-79
Berkeley 05-80
Dortmund 06-80
Old Waldorf 02-81
Tokyo 08-81(with Takanaka)

This FM recordings has some great songs:

Tales of Kilimanjaro(superb)
Aquamarine(the only good song from Marathon??), unfortunately the only "problem" in the recording, it fades in.
Transcendance(great track from Moonflower) with great jazzy interlude.
The version of Samba Pa Ti is nice as a closer.

Also fine is the guest appearance of Al DiMeola on Shake your moneymaker.
This results in a nice jam!

CD-R 1:

01. Opening
02. All I Ever Wanted
03. Incident At Neshabur
04. Tales Of Kilimanjaro
05. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
06. Oye Como Va
07. Europa
08. Lightning In The Sky
09. Armando Peraza/Raul Rekow/Orestes Vilato
10. Aqua Marine
11. Savor
12. Jingo

Total Time:62.46

CD-R 2:

01. Well All Right
02. Runnin
03. Soul Sacrifice/Aranjuez
04. Open Invitation
05. She�s Not There
06. Transcendance
07. Band Introduction
08. Evil Ways/Armando Peraza/Raul Rekow/Orestes Vilato
09. Shake Your Money Maker
10. Samba Pa Ti

Total time:71.49

Carlos Santana
Richard Baker
Graham Lear
Alex Ligertwood
David Margen
Armando Peraza
Raul Rekow
Orestes Vilato

Al Di Meola #21

Sound samples in the comments section

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