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sample.. as usual


Cape Cod Coliseum
Hyannis, Mass.
(northern Cape Cod,
just south of the Cape Cod canal)
July 4, 1981
performance quality: A even for Santana, this is a nice concert
recording quality: A
source: FM master re-broadcast tape
disc 1: 66:52
1: radio introduction :17
2: all I ever wanted 4:56
3: primera invasion > searchin' 8:03
4: takes ofthe Kiliminjaro 2:34
5: black magic woman > 2:59
6: gypsy queen 3:17
7: well all right 3:49
8: Europa (dedicated to John McEnroe) 7:29
9: e papa re 5:15
10: savor 5:05
11: jingo 5:31
12: winning 4:44
13: incident at Neshabur 12:46
disc 2: 40:49
14: bass jam 4:28 (the broadcast fades in after a commercial break here)
15: soul sacrifice 11:16
16: open invitation 5:33
17: she's not there 3:37
18: dragon song (John McLaughlin)
19: the sensitive kind (dedicated to Chris Evert)
20: American gypsy
This is from a master recording of a rebroadcast of this great show on WBCN.
I have the original one too but that is recorded on a pretty crummy recorder,
this one is not, and it's not missing anything not in the original broadcast,
which also had several commercial interruptions. This is not the whole show,
but it is all they broadcasted this July 4th and it is most of the show. I think
they didn't stick till the end, that can take awhile at a Santana show and this was
a nice tour (Zebop). Lots of songs I like in here and not a weak song in the show
(is there ever with Santana? Sometimes yes, but I haven't heard much of that
considering how much Santana I've heard. Santana never gets old and tired in concert.
Still sounding great on his 40th anniversary tour. Gotta love it. I could put this in
rock, Latin music or soul, it's all of that and more. This is for JerryRocks.
I may not be a "deadhead" but I like them too and anyone who's been to San Francisco has
to be familiar with Santana. The whole country heard this concert in 1981. It's about
time the world hear it because this was a nice performance with alot of great songs that
have fallen out of Santana's very thick bible he calls a playlist (one of the thickest in
rock related music history). Must have been just after Wimbledon tennis tournament, since
2 of America's finest tennis players get song dedication honors from Santana here.
Not surprised to hear them do "the sensitive kind" for Evert, she's a very popular
American hero of tennis, good person and a great player, kinda thought they'd save
"winning" for McEnroe because he did alot of that around this time, and I don't think
anyone in Santana is from Europe. But it's the thought that counts and Santana's perpetual good intentions are in abundance yet again in this show.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
And may the ZEBOP!be with you.
(It's a nice thing to have with you.)