Zurich, Switzerland
May 8, 1983

Greg Walker � vocals
Carlos Santana � guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Tom Coster � Yamaha & Hammond organs, electric piano, Minimoog & string synthesizers, backing vocals
Chester D. Thompson � keyboards
Keith Jones � bass
Graham Lear � drums
Armando Peraza � congas, bongos, percussion, backing vocals
Raul Rekow � congas, bongos, percussion, backing vocals
Orestes Vilat� � timbales, percussion

Disc One:
01. Rain Chant - Introduction
02. Watch Your Step
03. Nowhere to Run
04. Tales of Kilimanjaro
05. Black Magic Woman (Fleetwood Mac) / Gypsy Queen (G�bor Szab�)
06. Oye Como Va (Tito Puente)
07. Hold On (Ian Thomas)
08. Incident at Neshabur
09. Aqua Marine
10. Reggae Jam
11. Right Now (I Know How You Feel)
12. Savor - includes conga solo
13. Jin-go-lo-ba (Babatunde Olatunji)
14. Havana Moon (Chuck Berry)
15. Soul Sacrifice - includes Drum Solo
16. Concierto de Aranjuez (Joaqu�n Rodrigo)
17. The World Is a Ghetto (War)
18. Soul Sacrifice - reprise
19. Open Invitation
20. She�s Not There (The Zombies)
21. Toussaint L�overture
22. Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile)
23. Shango
24. Mudbone Jam - with Lightning and Rain intro
25. Super Boogie (Santana, Jeff Beck & Steve Lukather)
26. Hong Kong Blues (Hoagy Carmichael)
27. Shake Your Moneymaker (Elmore James)
28. People Get Ready Jam (The Impressions)

Total Running Time: 2 hours 37 minutes and 26 seconds

Source: The drummer's tape
Copy: Unknown playback deck > Nakamichi Dragon w Dolby B (JL) - this cassette (gen 2) (Flex Hamilton)
Transfer: Nakamichi CR7-A w Dolby B (azimuth aligned, bias @ 70usec) > Korg MR2000-S @ 1 bit 5.6 MHz DSD
Mastering: AudioGate (24-96) > iZotope RX6 advanced > CD Wave > TLH

A friend of a friend lived next door to the drummer and borrowed these tapes in the 1980's and made 2 copies.
Figuring that the soundman made a set for each of the band members this would be a second generation tape.
The 1st generation tape supplied to the drummer looks as though it was duplicated at Automatt Studios (J card scan included).
Possibly a high speed duplicator could explain where the tape artifacts mentioned below came from.

There was a continuous tone around 15.7 KHz and this was attenuated even though you can't hear up there.
Small dropouts were repaired and I might have missed a few but fixed most of them.

Tape flip during "Aqua Marine" lost an unknown amount and was spliced together.
Another tape flip during "Super Boogie" lost an unknown amount and was spliced together.

The same tape flips were also found on the "FM" sourced copy which traces it back to these band tapes.
A bootleg CD "Swiss Chocolate" was pressed during the 1990's but is missing the jams at the end of the show.

Although those copies have been around for a while this is the first time these cassettes have been digitized.

Thanks to ethiessen1 for the great cover art on this and so many other shows.

Thanks to Professor Goody for checking the pitch/speed.

Finally thanks to Flex Hamilton for loaning me his precious tapes so this could be shared.

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use

-M- (June 2020)
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