Artist: Santana
Location: Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
Date: July 15th 1983
Recording: FM Broadcast
Artwork: No

Lineage: Silver>cdex151>wav>tlh>flac8>You

Excellent radio broadcast from the Japanese leg of the 1983 World Tour.
I have checked the setlist with the Santanamigos website and it would appear to be complete.
This is taken from the imaginatively titled Japanese boot 'Tokyo 1983' on the '2000GFRR' label
and is a CDDA sourced recording.
I checked the tracker (including dead torrents) and could not find this show.
Great performance, great sound.
I have put a sound sample on the comments section.

Disc One: (66:05)
2.No One To Depend On
4.Hold On
5.Tales Of Kilimanjaro...
6....Black Magic Woman...
7....Gypsy Queen
8.Oye Como Va
9.Incident At Neshabur (Feat. Sadao Watanabe on Sax)
10.Right Now
11.Stardust (Feat. Saunders King on Guitar)

Disc Two: (35:39)
1.Waited All My Life
2.Aqua Marine (Feat. Sadao Watanabe on Sax)
4.Havana Moon
5.Open Invitation
6.She's Not There

Carlos Santana - Guitar/Vocals/Percussion
Greg Walker - Vocals
Keith Jones - Bass
Tom Coster - Keyboards/Vocals
Armando Peraza - Percussion/Vocals
Raul Rekow - Percussion/Vocals
Orestes Vilato - Percussion/Vocals
Chester Thompson - Keyboards/Vocals
Graham Lear - Drums