AUGUST 29, 1983


By special request of StPatric, our Pier 84 junkie!

various CDRS from a frade - CDEx - Flacfronted - boguspomp2 - TLH - you

This has been floating around incompletely for some time now.
I had 3 different sources and have combined them.
When I wanted to upload the show, it struck me that were still some gaps
and volume problems.
At least that's what I thought....

Then boguspomp2 offered to help me.
There appeared to be many more problems, all of which he has fixed.

Though it's an AUD recording the sound of the biggest part
is very good! Listen to the samples yourself!

The last part of John Henry(the song that is..) is missing.
The last few tracks don't have the same sound quality as the rest.

The band is steaming hot. Like always those days.

1. Batuka
2. No One To Depend On
3. Taboo
4. Hold On
5. Tales Of Kilimanjaro
6. Black Magic Woman
7. Gypsy Queen
8. Incident At Neshabur
9. Waited All My Life
10.Aqua Marine
12.Savor/Armando Peraza/Raul Rekow/Orestes Vilato

Total Time: 64.43

CD-R 2:

15. Havana Moon/Soul Sacrifice
16. Soul Sacrifice
17. Soul Sacrifice
18. Soul Sacrifice/Aranjuez
19. Soul Sacrifice
20. Open Invitation
21. She’s Not There/Marbles
22. Right Now
23. Europa
24. Shango’
25. Super Boogie
26. Hong Kong Blues
27. John Henry
28. Shake Your Money Maker/Orestes Vilato/?/Band Introduction
29. Toussaint L’Overture

Total Time: 74.33

Carlos Santana
Tom Coster
Keith Jones
Graham Lear
Armando Peraza
Raul Rekow
Chester Thompson
Orestes Vilato
Greg Walker

My sixty-fifth upload

Sound samples in the comments section