4 June 1984
Sportpaleis Ahoy

Santana opened the night for Bob Dylan. I think I saw Dylan's set pass by here a few months ago. This is the complete opening set. Short set and the recording is not the best I ever heard. I'd say 7 out of 10 for the recording.

I received this in a snailmail trade recently and know nothing of the lineage other than it is definitely audience and lossless.

Lineage: ?? > ?? > CD-r > trade CD-r(x) > EAC secure > TLH FLAC6 > DaD > you

Not a sublime recording but a good inspired show from the mid 80's. Thank you to the taper.. you know who you are. And thank you to DM, my trade source for this gig.

01 Touchdown Raiders 1:34.62
02 Spirit 4:57.06
03 Samba Pa Ti 6:59.49
04 Breaking Out 5:05.38
05 Gypsy Queen 3:08.11
06 Incident At Neshabur 6:36.28
07 Waited All My Life 3:50.54
08 Waited All My Life continued 3:43.66
09 Body Surfing 5:39.53
10 Brotherhood 2:40.38
11 Savor 4:21.16
12 Armando Peraza/Raul Rekow/Orestes Vilato 8:11.28
13 Who Loves You 4:56.14
14 Soul Sacrifice 8:15.11
15 Aranjuez 7:27.08

Total runtime 77.27.32

The Crew:

Alex Ligertwood (guitar/lead vocals)
Alphonso Johnson (bass)
Armando Peraza (percussion/vocals)
Carlos Santana (guitar/percussion/vocals)
Chester Cortez Thompson (drums)
Chester Thompson (keyboards/vocals)
David Sancious (keyboards)
Greg Walker (lead vocals)
Orestes Vilato (percussion/vocals)
Raul Rekow (percusion/vocals)

Notes(as far as I detected things noteworthy upon my listen):

1. yes, they played Gypsy Queen without Black Magic Woman this time.
2. there is no (audible) tape flip between track 7 and 8, it seems just a badly chosen track end.
3. there is a dropout at the start of track 10, but it doesn't hurt the music, just CS's introduction.

Other flaws include clicks and pops throughout the gig. I will post a few not so random samples.

Enjoy.. peace