Santana-Broome County Arena,Binghamton,N.Y. 05/03/85

Source:Panasonic Cassette MasterW/Built In Mic>Sony TC We-325 Home Cassette Deck(Playback)>Harmon Kardon CDR 20 Home Burner>CDR>EAC>Flac.Taped By Boeditaper.


American Gypsy>
Open Invitation
She's Not There
Incident At Neshabar
I've Waited All of My life
Say It Again
Black Magic Woman>
Gypsy Queen
I'm The One Who Loves You
Two Points Of View
I've Been Waiting
Night Hunting Time
Breaking Out>
Bass Jam
Super Boogie>
Honk Kong Blues
No one To Depend On


1) Quality IS About B(Subjective Of Course).Unfortuneately,I Used a 120 Minute Cassette For Part Of The Show And Also A 90 Minute Tape For The 2nd Part.There Is Some Wow and Flutter At Times,And Some Low End Present(Mostly Up To Disc 1,Track11,After That Its Slightly Better).This Is Due To The 120 Minute Tape.Not One Of my Better recordings,But More Than Likely This Is The Only Source That Circulates.

2) I Ran Out Of Tape And The Last 2 Songs Or So Are Missing(Sorry Again)

3) Not Exactly Sure On Some Of The Song Titles.

4) I Have A Much Better Sounding Santana Master From Scranton,Pa 07/12/97 That I Will Eventually Upload.

5)The Panasonic Walkman W/Built In Mic Was the first show recorder I ever bought.I bought it in 1983 when I was serving in the navy.Being 20 at the time,and being that I did not have alot of money to purchase high pro recording gear,I bought this recorder at the time.Although it didn't make truly great sounding shows,it was acceptable.It tended to make recordings in the Mid range frequency.If anyone has a program they could use like Cool Edit Pro,perhaps they could EQ the recording and re-post the show.

6)I Transferred This Show Over To CD Several Years Ago Using A Harmon Kardon CDR 20 Home Burner.I Now Use An Edirol R-09 HR To Transfer Shows Over Then Track The Songs Using CD Wav Editor.Because There IS No Visual Graphic On The Harmon Kardon Burner,I Had To Add The Tracks Best I Could.So Some Songs/Music Might Not Start As Soon As The Track Starts.There Were No Errors When Extracting Using Exact Audio Copy.