The 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert Remastered (upgrade)
with present and original Santana Band
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, California
17 August 1986

Downloaded a liberated boot the other day titled Santan 20th Aniversary Sunrise, FL. Nice show but it wasn't the 20th Anniversay show. This is the real deal. This was grabbed of Dime two, mebbe three years ago. A great show and Carlos is on fire. The only thing I didn't like from the original was that the sound was a little thin. Not anymore, this one roars like the Santana of old, the way we remember. Back then, when you saw Santana, YOU SAW SANTANA. If you could still hear after the show it was a miracle. Our thanks to barkndog, the original uploader. This is one of the shows I've listened to consistantly over the years. I still have a tape of the King Biscuit Flour Hour that was taken from this show, although that show was badly butchered to fit into the hour radio format. The is the whole thing, in all it's glory. Geez everybody who was ever in Santana up to that point getting along for a whole day? Who woulda thunk it? And Shoreline in Mountainview was the perfect venue. Viva Santana! Long may he bend those strings. Easily the most lyical guitarist of out time.

As usual, each CD folder has it's FFP file, the files are named correctly (none of this D2Track03.flac nonsense), and I've included a frequency response graphic for the lossy posse, but this show needs none of that. Lay back and turn it up on this one. If you've ever loved Santana, you're gonna love this.

My lineage:
Original FLAC files (yes! I found the original download disc) -> Adobe Audition -> Trader's Little Helper -> FLAC, FFP files -> mkwtools generated the MD5. All files verified before upload.

Enjoy, share, MP# if you dare!

And now, barkndog's original notes:

Source: Soundboard
Quality: Very good/excellent (A grade)
Lineage CDR > EAC (secure mode/read offset corrected) > flac frontend (align on sector boundaries; Level 5)
> torrent on http://bt.easytree.org

Setlist (fromm http://db.etree.org)

Disc 1
1. Intro by Bill Graham > Brotherhood
2. Primera Invasion
3. Open Invitation
4. She's Not There
5. Instrumental Jam/Mandela
6. Incident at Neshabur
7. Victim of Circumstance
8. Personal Contact
9. Percussion Solo
10. Alphonso Bass Solo

Disc 2
1. Super Boogie
2. Hong Kong Blues
3. Songs of Freedom
4. Savor
5. Them Changes
6. Europa
7. Right Now

Disc 3
1. Introduction
2. In A Silent Way/Se a Cabo Jam
3. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
4. Oye Como Va
5. Evil Ways
6. Jingo
7. Tambales Solo
8. Zsabo/Buddy Myles Improv
9. Soul Sacrifice
10. Soul Sacrifice II
11. Soul Sacrifice III
12. Soul Sacrifice Finale
13. Toussaint L'Overture

Musicians :

Carlos Santana - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Neal Schon - Guitar
Gregg Rolie - Keyboards, Vocals
Tom Coster - Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson - Bass
David Brown - Bass
Armando Peraza - Bongos, Percussion
Jose Chepito Areas - Timbales, Percussion
Raul Rekow - Congas, Percussion
Michael Carabello - Congas, Percussion
Orestes Vilato - Timbales, Percussion
Michael Shrieve - Drums
Buddy Miles - Vocals, Guitar
Alexander J. Ligertwood - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Introductions by Bill Graham (RIP)

No artwork
Info file included in folder with fingerprints and FLAC file test results


An incomplete version of this show was posted by Simplex this morning (now dead). Here's the complete
version and I think a sound upgrade to his version (no crackles on this copy). There are a couple of minor skips here and there, but overall a very clean show. Worth the d/l just for disc 3.

Be cool and if possible upload as much as you download so others can enjoy this great show.



FFP signatures (for this upgrade - FFP file in each CD folder)


01 - Intro By Bill Graham-Brotherhood.flac:af1fb86c7a05e413276ff195bf66668b
02 - Primera Invasion.flac:d487ba9992b02a8fb78a00fc2c4ba2f9
03 - Open Invitation.flac:895a90d14c81f13fd2c30e2d9c8442b9
04 - She's Not there.flac:f3aa1be6bbfe2a3f073c40ba3ce091f4
05 - Instrumental Jam-Mandela.flac:f43bded277540f8adc4eb6b627953376
06 - Incident At Neshabur.flac:e650a97037c5a1a749c9983474ea10ad
07 - Victim of Circumstance.flac:5e35d43c922de0264a407ef56ebce907
08 - Personal Contact.flac:b8f9a64bb42eb71052516a65dac07f40
09 - Percussion Solo.flac:2ba15011a650ba65031305eefa4fff83
10 - Bass Solo (Alfonso).flac:a9f9698ab267a3b8cda44ed797671b93


01 - Super Boogie.flac:3aa0daedec74bf786900574ea3a81cbe
02 - Hong Kong Blues.flac:3cb81d22d5f8427d3f6b51e4d2525f13
03 - Songs of Freedom.flac:a7851660c8f2c7b70223b2f964326283
04 - Savor.flac:0dd0f5898d0156044624bc244299023d
05 - Them Changes.flac:cd76991e3fe16f4633be6a5c4979c7d0
06 - Europa.flac:4eb2a6f28df47e286c0f1a4fabf43c7c


01 - Introduction.flac:112035e0afd2df4d3ac3c2ceff8b3645
02 - In A Silent Way-Se a Cabo Jam.flac:cc878a9a706a8655af58d369de947099
03 - Black Magilc Woman-Gypsy Queen.flac:e43421df53f165097001a91885d04f29
04 - Oye Como Va.flac:6714ce49f6ab73db1912ad043912321f
05 - Evil Ways.flac:b10bd2ad82714573eb2933ed7fd37c8e
06 - Jingo.flac:e8b22447449b3cd71d2d8bbb4cc81d84
07 - Tambales Solo.flac:592cf5ea849f1a5ffe3a79c4b3ac9ca3
08 - Zsabo-Buddy Miles Improv.flac:33edfbbca11e310dcd301efcb303ba9a
09 - Soul Sacrafice.flac:a3dc70eeddce6b7cd213864b419f9f4b
10 - Soul Sacrifice II.flac:aa6b70edf6d7456261e17781aca6a719
11 - Soul Sacrifice III.flac:7050f5b68cabc61353deba86b7b99450
12 - Soul Sacrifice Finale.flac:3742e8c5de24d4c848d06c87c2854fbf
13 - Toussaint L'Overture.flac:89cbc9e6f3a8aa4ed5de703f381ddb55