MAY 11, 1988


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1988 was a very special year for Carlos and the band.
Three different line-ups.

But first, at the start of the year the Blues for Salvador and Jaco Pastorius benefits,
the last of which is still to be found here

In April, the Promise band starts its tour in Vancouver.
About 15 gigs.

From June 15th the infamous Santana/Shorter Band: 29 gigs and the tour
of which statistically most shows are known among traders.

Then, in August, the Reunion Band takes off and they tour until December 10th.
Some gems of that line up(f.i. the San Quentin ones) have already been posted here, either on CD or DVD.

The one I'm posting here is one of the Promise Band.
Together with part of the Reunion show of 1986, I think this was also released as a Silver Boot.
That boot had some minor speed problems, which were obvious when Carlos was speaking.
I fixed them with Audition

Then something strange. Most of the times Aranjuez was part of Soul Sacrifice.
This time(the only time the Promise Band played SS) it seems they "just" kick off with Aranjuez.
I've listened carefully if any piece was missing, but no cuts audible for me.

Great setlist and great guests. Gregg and Michael bring back sweet memories.
Apart from BMW/OCV and Deeper instrumental songs!!
The addition of the Caribbean Allstars(especially the horns) is a definite plus and gives those
tracks an extra impulse.
Kinesis was quite often played by Santana, but was originally a track on Clyde Criner's Behind the Sun album,
on which Carlos was guesting.
Masacote is tune with a nice exotic feel.

CD-R 1:

1. In A Silent Way/Bailando
2. Aquatic Park
3. Bella
4. Smooth Criminal
5. The Healer
6. Super Boogie
7. Hong Kong Blues
8. Wonderful Combination
9. Kinesis

Total Time: 48.40

CD-R 2:

10. Savor/Jose “Chepito” Areas/Armando Peraza
11. Goodness And Mercy
12. Black Magic Woman
13. Gypsy Queen
14. Oye Como Va
15. Cloud Nine
16. Masacote
17. Mandela
18. Blues For Salvador
19. Deeper, Dig Deeper
20. Soul Sacrifice/Aranjuez
21. Europa
22. Hannibal

Total Time: 75:02

Carlos Santana
Jose “Chepito” Areas
“Ndugu” Leon Chancler
Alphonso Johnson
Armando Peraza
Chester Thompson

Gregg Rolie #12-#14
Michael Shrieve #12-#14
Caribbean Allstars #19, #20