Carlos Santana and the Promise Band
Carlos Santana: guitar, percussion, vocals
Chester Thompson: keyboards, vocals
Alphonso Johnson: bass
Armando Peraza: percussion, vocals
Jose Chepito Areas: percussion
"Ndugu" Leon Chancler: drums
Sadao Watanabe: sax on last song

Wiltern Theater
Los Angeles, Ca.
May 14, 1988
runtime: 116:21 (minutes/seconds)

1: in a silent Way > Bailando > aquatic park 7:26
2: Bella 4:27
3: smooth criminal 4:46
4: the healer 5:25
5: super boogie > 4:25
6: blues for Salvador 8:33
7: wonderful combination 2:29
8: savor 6:27
9: goodness and mercy 3:51
10: Cavatina (bass solo) 14:41
11: cloud nine 10:03
12: Mandela 6:36
13: for those who chant 4:26
14: trying again 12:07
15: hannibal 3:50
16: Europa 6:00
17: incident at Neshabur 10:49

audience recording > ? > DAT >
soundforge (wav, tracking and level balancing) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
setlist and band lineup according to santanamigos.
a this and that, share the Carlos production.
do not sell this recording.
share freely losslessly and gaplessly.
long live Mandela (and Carlos too)...
this appears to have only DAT lineage in it,
no analog or CD copies, or maybe from a master analog tape?
it does have a few cuts between songs, none during any that
I noticed so not sure if this is a whole show, but the timing
would be about right for a Santana/ Shorter show,
that tour started just a few weeks after this show,
but there's no Shorter in here. this was one of the last shows
before the Santana/ Shorter tour started.

Incomplete: In A Silent Way/Bailando/Aquatic Park -
Bella - Smooth Criminal -
The Healer - Kinesis -
Super Boogie/Blues For Salvador -
Wonderful Combination -
Savor/Jose �Chepito� Areas/Armando Peraza -
Goodness And Mercy -
Alphonso Johnson/Cavatina -
Cloud Nine/�Ndugu� Leon Chancler -
Mandela - For Those Who Chant -
Trying Again - Hannibal -
Incident At Neshabur (1)
W/Sadao Watanabe (1)