the 20th anniversary reunion tour of
Carlos Santana- guitar
Gregg Rolie- keyboards and vocals
Chester Thompson- keyboards
Jose Chipito Arias- conga
Armando Peraza- percussion and vocals
Alphonso Johnson-bass
Michael Shrieve- drums
Great Woods P.A.C.
Mansfield, Mass, U.S.A.
September 8, 1988
1st gen. audience tape (from Purple Moon master recording)
lineage: Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off)
and unknown mikes (average quality) >
Maxell XLII cassettes > my copy (same) >
played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (WAV) >
FLAC (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
runtime: 143:54 (minutes/seconds)
disc 1 73:29
1: Mandela 6:40
2: the healer 5:17
3: Batuka 4:41
4: no one to depend on 5:05
5: for those who chant > 6:00
6: smooth criminal 6:20
7: black magic woman > 3:31
8: gypsy queen > 3:41
9: oye como va 4:42
10: Se A Cabo 3:48
11: incident at Neshabur (with my favorite things slice) 11:50
12: mambo jam 5:22
13: savor 6:33

disc 2 70:25
14: blues for Salvador 5:22
15: cloud nine 6:11
16: bass solo 7:12
17: Cavatina 6:02
18: toussant L'overture 7:15
19: soul sacrifice 14:23
20: jingo 5:20
21: once it's gotcha 4:56
22: Europa 5:27
23: deeper, dig deeper (with band introductions) 8:12

this show burns all the way through, a very lively crowd was on hand to
encourage the band through this show. I didn't see this one, probably one
of the better performances by anyone in this venue. everyone who went said
it was a hot show. this recording has a few mike bumps in a few parts but
most of this sound quite nice, pretty good clarity of the whole band.
Santana has always been very popular in this area and this was one of his
better performances in this area. thanks to purple moon for a nice recording
made of one of my favorite Santana shows. I was going to do a CD extraction
with this one, and most of it sounded just fine.
most is better than less but it is not good enough for glasnostrd19 upload.
this is a Santana concert from 88, a very good year for him, so all of it
must sound just fine from this recording, since it's a pretty good one.
most of it sounding fine is not acceptable, so I get to do another over
2.5 hour new transfer. Hooray! That's why they call it Labor Day weekend.
(at least it's not hot enough to melt a tape deck anymore). I have 2 sources
of this show and used the other one to patch in a piece of oye como va that
was cut in this source (just the first few seconds of it). I'm pretty sure
this is the whole concert, and in correct order, although santanamigos doesn't
mention a cloud nine or a mambo jam. Otherwise this seems to match their setlist.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
(a "Santana" is not a unit of cash.)