Starplex Amphitheatre,
Dallas, Texas

Reunion Tour

Source: Master Audience Recorded > Unknown Realistic Mics >Sony D-6 > MAC (Maxell XLII 90's)
Transfer: Nakamichi MR-1 > Korg MR-1000 @ 1Bit/5.6MHz > AudioGate Software > wav 24/96
Recorded by Mr. White and transferred by Keo

Lineage: wav 24/96 > Adobe Audition 1.5 > iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced > iZotope RX 2 Advanced >
CD Wave > TLH > Flac 16

[probably missing] Mandela *

01 crowd/tapers talking
02 The Healer
03 Batuka >
04 No One To Depend On
05 Taboo >
06 Smooth Criminal
07 Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen >
08 Oye Como Va
09 Incident At Neshabur (with My Favourite Things tease) >
10 //Savor >
11 Goodness And Mercy
12 Carlos talking
13 Once It's Gotcha
14 bass solo
15 Toussaint//L'Overture
16 crowd
17 Soul Sacrifice >
18 Concerto Aranjuez >
19 Soul Sacrifice (reprise)
20 Cavatina >
21 Jingo
22 Deeper, Dig Deeper/Band Introduction

Carlos Santana - guitar, vocals
Greg Rolie � lead vocals, keyboards
Jos� "Chepito" Areas � percussion
Alphonso Johnson � bass
Michael Shrieve - drums
Armando Peraza � percussion
Chester Thompson � keyboards

Sean Rolie - Sound Engineer


- During this tour "Mandela" was the usual opener. The taper thinks it's quite possible that he arrived late but has
no recollection. *
- There were a number of "noises" in the left channel which I understand ocurred when the mic was knocked.
I have removed most of these.
- Tape flips ocurred at the start of "Savor" and just after the start of "Toussaint L'Overture". Not much is missing.


Quite a good recording but sounds a little distant at times, and there are a couple of small rough spots. However, it's probably the first time that this show has circulated.

There is a screamer, there's always a screamer, and he just happens to be close by the taper, on his right. Gaffer tape would be too good for him LOL.

Many thanks to Mr. White and Keo

edited and mastered
December 2012