SEPTEMBER 10, 1989

SBD?(or else super Audience)

A great cooperation of adictedttull and HermanLR

CDs from a trade - CDex - Flacfrontend sent to adictedtull by HermanLR - Sound forge pro 10 - TLH - you

In September 1989 Santana had a 4 night run at this winery. At the previous upload HLR mentioned
3 gigs, but the band was there at 7,8,9 and 10 September

The DVD of the 10th(incomplete) has already been posted here.

The great AUD of the 8th some days ago.

In my description I asked if someone would help me get rid of those nasty gaps for the recording of the 10th
and adictedttull willingly offered to do that as well as upload the show for me.
Well, here's the result.

Some great tunes again, of which Masacote, Eye to Eye and Blues for Salvador are stand out tracks!

CD-R 1:

1. Angels All Around Us/
2. Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
3. For Those Who Chant
4. Itís A Jungle Out There/
5. Soweto (Africa Libre)
6. Eye To Eye
7. Blues Jam
8. Super Boogie
9. Blues For Salvador

Total Time: approx 49:10

CD-R 2:

11.Savor/Walfredo De Los Reyes/Armando Peraza
12.Goodness And Mercy
13.Sheís Not There
17.No One To Depend On

Total Time: approx 48:13

CD-R 3:

18.Sweet Black Cherry Pie
19.Iee-Iee Jungle Music
20.Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
21.Oye Como Va
23.Once Itís Gotcha
24.Soul Sacrifice/
25.Blues Jam
26.Toussaint LíOverture/Band Introduction

Total Time: approx 62:27

Carlos Santana
Walfredo De Los Reyes
Keith Jones
Alex Ligertwood
Armando Peraza
Chester Thompson

Samples in the comments section.


Notes removed gaps, removed overlaps,smoothed transitions
balanced channels volume adjustments

Thanks to Heman for another great Santana show