Carlos Santana
Free Radio Concert - WXRT FM Broadcast
The World Theater
Tinley Park, IL, USA
26th August 1990

Lineage: FM > VHS > Mx XLII S > Nero > flac
Upped on TTD by: wolfsorrow


Disc 1:

1. Angels all around us > Spirits dancing in the flesh
2. The Healer
3. It's a jungle out there
4. Somewhere in Heaven
*. radio ann (cuted out)
5. Batuka > Nobody that I can depend on
6. Gypsy woman
7. Just a jam > drums and bass > Solo bass
8. Black Magic Woman > Gypsy Queen > Oyo como va

Disc 2:

9. Mandela
*. radio ann (cuted out)
10. Goodness & Mercy
11. Choose
12. She's not there
13. Toussaint l'Overture
**. radio ann (unavoidable)
14. Soul sacrifice
15. Mother Earth > Europa > Jingo

nothing more abrupt than a radio announcer messin' up the groove. Hard enough trying to find a break in the songs to make a file, but those announcers just poke right in there. So I undid them the best I could. Most songs are left in one continuum. Tape flip somewhere in the solos - in all I didn't notice any discomfort in listening to this show. Enjoy.

-- Not for sale or to be made into a lossy format --

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