Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
November 2, 1990
performance quality: A hot stuff (as usual for Santana in Boston)
recording quality: B
source: 1st generation audience tape
lineage: unknown stereo mike >
Sony D-6 cassette deck .
Maxell XLII-S master cassettes >
my copy (same) > soundforge 4.5 >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
setlist: not found on etree (neither is the concert)
so I'm counting on our reliable Dime Setlist Patrol
to fill in some serious holes again on this one.
disc 1: 75:49
1: spirits dancing in the flesh
2: ?
3: ?
4: ?
5: no one to depend on
6: ?
7: ?
8: black magic woman > gypsy queen
9: oye como va
disc 2: 79:55
10- 14:?
15: she's not there (cuts in slightly)
16: soul sacrifice > dragon song > sunshine of your love medley
17: peace on earth: mother earth, third stone from the sun
18: ?
19: europa
20: jingo (with band introductions
This was the tour where Carlos dedicates a song to Nelson Mandela
(one of the ? tracks in here is a version of that). It's very nice music
and although there is some crowd cheering in here there's not too much
considering it was a very nice show that flowed well from song to song,
never losing steam right up to the Jingo finale. This was made from the
balcony, pretty close I think. The quality is pretty consistent and better
than I thought it was, even worthy of those 2 words I don't like to do very
often. A new transfer (of something already transferred once or more before
from same recording source.). This first transfer came out okay, but never
got posted unless someone got a copy from me and posted it. Okay is not good
enough for Santana concerts. This one sounds better and you get it without my CD
in the lineage, from the same WAV's you get these FLAC's from. This is
glasnostrd19's way of saying thank you to all those who have upped a Santana show
in the last few days (or ever, for that matter). Many of you have contributed
some very nice Santana lately that I either didn't have or in not very good quality
before finding an upgrade. I have remastered about 5 of them, and may post if
interest is there and it's OK. (I don't want to overdo it or post any of them until
the originals have had a chance to be shared and enjoyed first.). I don't know how
many of you have heard 1990 Santana concert. Hard to find a bad Santana show, it
really is, I have shared one from 77, one from 73, still have a couple more, and
Boston 1982 was posted (possibly from my recording, I haven't heard the posted version
and haven't posted mine, partly for possible duplicate-post reason.). I don't know anyone
who posts who has this recording or of its being previously posted before. I find it a
very enjoyable recording, the audience is mostly considerate and appreciative of a
very good performance that fills 2 CD's like only Santana can. So I hope you many
Santanappreciators (like me) find this a welcome addition to a very busy mouse week
for Santana downloads. Maybe the best week for it in the time I've been on the dime.
Hope you've been able to enjoy the many other recent fine ups this week from several
different dime uploaders. Even a November Santana concert feels alot more like this
time of year, and I like the instrumental long stuff better than the poppy stuff even
from Carlos. This one leans heavily into the jammier extended play stuff which many
of us prefer from this very talented band. Santana is one of the greatest around, and
if you think they were starting to lose it a little bit after the fine 88 tours with
Wayne Shorter and reunion of this band's original lineup, listen to this show and you
may very well change that view. That stuff was great, but this has some hot playing in
it, not just the familiar old hits either but there's some of that too.
This is so far, my favorite Santana show from after 1988 (an excellent year for all
things Santana). Maybe my favorite tour after 88 too, one of the few I haven't seen alot
from yet. There are some edits between tracks (only a couple) that I have tried to smooth
out as well as I could. Not quite as well as I'd like but it's essentially a seamless
recording now except for a disc break fade in and out (already in the source recording
anyway). My thanks to taper John for supplying this recording. (I don't know if he's a
dimer or poster boy but he is fine with sharing his recordings, just not selling or
exchanging in lossy format (like myself.) Hope you like it.
DO not sell this recording.
Spirits cannot dance in a cash register.
(and they do dance in here in the 1st song of the concert)
Trade freely and losslessly.
40 years and still rockin' strong!
Viva Santana!