First of all I would like to thank My good friend Steve H. aka fzmoi69
for letting me transfer many of his master analogue tapes. For me this is the
first and only exposure to some of these bands so any help with setlists is appreciated!

I would guess that Steve has recorded well over 1000 shows Analog and Dat
and these represent a small portion of them, making him the most prolific taper I know of!

Sony d-6 / Nak CM300

Lineage: Mastertape TDK MA-110 >sony cassette Deck>Sb Audigy2 24/96 >Soundforge Izotope 64 BIT downsample, Waves L316>TLH

Taped by Steve H
transferred by Raymond Morelli JR.
Mastered by Raymond Morelli JR.


Oct 1 1991: Civic Center, Springfield, MA

Mandela - Life Is For Living - Itís A Jungle Out There - Somewhere In Heaven - Batuka/No One To Depend On - We Donít Have To Wait/Billy Johnson/Benny Rietveld - Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen - Oye Como Va - Gypsy/Grajonca - Right On - Savor/Agua Que Va Caer/Karl Perazzo/Raul Rekow - ? - Peace On Earth - Save The Children - Angels All Around Us/Spirits Dancing In The Flesh - Europa - Jingo/Band Introduction