CRGP #44

Hammersmith Odeon
June 18, 1992 (1992-06-18)

Sbd -> DAT? -> cassette (master?/low generation) -> DAT
DAT transferred on December 9, 2008
Sony PCM-R500 (extremely low error rates) -> RME Multiface -> Sony Laptop -> Cubase 3 -> Adobe Audition 2, minor front and tail edits etc., UV22 dither -> Trader's Little Helper (FLAC=8)

Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo), Walfredo De Los Reyes (ds), Alphonso Johnson (b), Alex Ligertwood (g/vo), Karl Perazzo (perc/vo), Raul Rekow (perc/vo), Chester Thompson (kbd/vo)

Set List(s)
-D1 (9 Tracks) (56:59)
1) Peace On Earth...Mother Earth...Third Stone From The Sun ->
2) Make Somebody Happy
3) Batuka ->
4) No One To Depend On
5) Taboo
6) Life Is For Living
7) Saja/Right On
8) Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen ->
9) Oye Como Va

-D2 (7 Tracks) (59:19)
1) Steffi Graf Intro
2) Europa
3) Angels All Around Us/Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
4) Somewhere In Heaven
5) Free All the People (South Africa) ->
6) Savor/Karl Perazzo
7) Agua Que Va Caer/Raul Rekow

-D3 (5 Tracks) (55:37)
1) Blues For Salvador*
2) "She's Everywhere" aka She's Not There
3) Toussaint L'Overture
4) Soul Sacrifice/A Love Supreme/Walfredo De Los Reyes/Aranjuez ->
5) Jingo/Band Introduction

*=w/mystery guest ("Marino"?)
Cuts: D1-52:08:31 D2-41:31:66 D3-40:20:34

Tennis anyone? Carlos in London with Steffi Graf and a mystery guest. Any help identifying the mystery guest would be much appreciated.
Another Thank You to Herman, and the folks at Santanamigos for lots of extremely useful information.
Once again, PLEASE support the/all musicians and ENJOY...

Happy Holidays 2009

Stucco TINA Holmes